acdc tickets 2015

Now Is A Great Time To Get Concert Tickets To The New ACDC Tour 2015

The legends of rock are back and are ready to rock your faces off! They are starting to get up there as far as age is concerned, so you never know if you have another opportunity to see them in concert. This is guaranteed to be one of their best performances. They are at the top of their game! The reviews of their latest shows have been great, and you still have time to see it for yourself.

All Of The Current ACDC Concert Tickets Are Right Here

Just take a look right below here, and you can see every show that ACDC currently has on their schedule. If any more shows are announced we will be sure to update the list immediately so check back if you don’t see a date near you at the moment.

The Name Of Their New Tour Is Rock Or Bust

ACDC is going all out on their brand-new rock or bust tour. Right now they have dates scheduled for Australia, Europe, the USA, and Canada. Quite a large assortment of shows all over the world. It’s been a while since they have been able to get the band together to go on a tour like this. Their original guitarist finally retired due to health issues, that they have been able to find a replacement in the show has been able to go on.

They played a test show with their new line up at the music festival that the kids these days are calling Coachella. They also made a stop at the 2015 Grammy awards. That’s quite a big stage to be trying out new setups! Everything went smoothly, and then decided to go forward with many more dates all over the place.

A New Tour And A Brand-New Album

Surprisingly, they even have some new songs to play. Everyone recognizes this band for their classic rock songs that pre-much everyone is familiar with. They even have an entirely new album out, it’s got the same name as their brand-new tour, they called it rock or bust. So they will be playing tons of new tracks along with their old hits like ‘back in black’, and ‘dirty deeds done dirt cheap’.

They’re not skimping on the set list either. You’ll get to hear 20 through 30 of their top songs played by these legendary rockers at each show. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth. Currently they are in Europe finishing up their European leg. It won’t be long before pace that is back in the good old USA. They’ve got a bunch of shows scheduled. It looks like they’ve got about 30 dates that they plan to play already. And it’s not going to be surprising if they announce many more as the fans simply can’t get enough of ACDC.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that they will be adding several more shows to their tour schedule. The fans have responded so well to their recent concerts, giving the band many sellouts. They’ve even been able to sell out quite large arenas that only classic rock stars like these guys can fill up.

The North American Leg

It’s been a while in the making, but we finally have the most recent dates for the North American leg of the ACDC tour. So far they put out 13 dates in total. The first show that they are going to play in North America will be on 22 August. And the final show that they’re going to play, at least according to the most up-to-date schedule available, is going to be on 28 September over in Los Angeles California.

Canadian Tour Information

The Canadian fans are going to get the same amount of shows that the American ones to. This means they are going to receive 13 concerts as well. They will be hitting cities in Canada like Montréal, Ottawa, and Québec. These guys definitely aren’t afraid of rocking out in the cold! The Australians aren’t going to get left out either, they also have several dates.

A New Addition To The Band

When ACDC performed at the Grammy awards, they had a new drummer with them, Chris Slade. The performance went so well that they have added him officially to the band for the duration of this tour at least. Chris is going to be going all around the world with one of the most recognizable rock bands in history. Chris has said that ACDC is one of his favorite all-time bands, and that this is a chance of a lifetime to be able to actually play music with his idols.

The fans are enjoying this new edition as well. Chris has been overwhelmed by the amount of support is receiving on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and he genuinely appreciates the support and he reads each and every comment he receives. Some fresh blood in the band, this is certainly going to be an interesting and memorable concert experience for everyone involved.